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Finding the perfect fit for your investment property is something you need to leave up to the pros. Marketing your property to candidates that are ready to call your place home. Our mission is to have a qualified tenant for you within 7 days of a tenant placement agreement. 

Once we find a tenant we move right into managing your property and cash flow. 

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Rent My Property - Tenant Placement

Marketing of Your Property

  • The marketing of your property on more than 40+ websites included the most popular ones such as; Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, MLS, Facebook Market Place,,, Zumper, and many more!

  •  Your property blasted out through social media!

  • Your property on our website!

  • Email blasted to any prospect that has inquired about another property!

  • Yard sign!

  • Answering all inquiries and answering questions on the property and rental qualifications.

Showing of The Property

  • Pre-qualifying every showing!

  • Schedule the showing!

  • Meet the prospects there for the showing!

  • Answer any questions!

  • Point out the highlights of the property!

  • Following up with every show afterward!

Tenant Screening

  • We use a 3rd party screening company!

  • Eviction history!

  • Income verification!

  • Current landlord verification!

  • Sexual offender list!

  • Criminal History!

  • Drug Trafficking/Terrorist list!

  • Social Security # verification!

  • Credit score/history!

  • You get the final say if the tenant is approved or declined!

  • Tenant pays for a screening fee, no charge to the landlord!


  • Confirm utilities were transferred over!

  • Confirm renter’s insurance is in place!

  • Move-in condition inspection report!

  • Draft (use your lease or ours) and get the lease signed!

  • Facilitate collection of move-in monies due! 

  • Hand tenants the keys!

  • Send you a copy of the lease file for your records!

Free 7-Month Tenant Warranty

  • If the tenant moves out or is evicted within the first 7 months we will replace the tenant free of charge once they move out!

  • Lowers the risk of a bad tenant!

  • Gives you peace of mind!

  • Increases your profits!

Here’s Why Property Owners Choose GLAM Properties

Finding the right tenant can be a nightmare, eating up your valuable time that could be spent with family and or your career. Though renting your property has huge financial, tax-related, and personal benefits, making the wrong tenant decision can really cost you. By using a professional tenant placement company like ours, you get the freedom of time to focus on what is more important as well as see increased profits, decrease risk, shorter vacancy times, being in compliance with tenant/landlord laws and fair housing laws. 


  • No up-front fees!

  • No back-end hidden fees!

  • No tenant screening fees!

  • You only pay when we find and move in an approved tenant by you!

  • Tier 1 pricing option (most popular): commission is equal to 1 full month’s rent for the full-service tenant placement as outlined.

  • Tier 2 pricing option: commission is 75% of one full month’s rent. Everything is outlined in the tenant placement services except the move-in and 7 - warranty month sections. You the landlord would handle the moving items.

  •  Tier 3 pricing option: commission charged is 2 months’ rent for placement of a tenant buyer that will sign an option to purchase.

Get Started Today!

  • Step 1: We immediately start marketing your property. Exposure is key to finding a quality tenant quickly!

  • Step 2: Once we have verbally verified that any interested parties are a fit for your property, we schedule, meet, and show your place.

  • Step 3: We conduct background checks on interested tenants and provide you with the results. You get the final say on who rents your place! Step 4

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