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We're looking for great people to join our growing team.

GLAM Properties is a real estate investor's management boutique. We help investors manage their real estate projects and properties. From acquisitions, sales, and property management to design and construction management we help investors jump the hurdles of real estate - all while helping the communities we serve. Managing real estate investment portfolios can become difficult; especially if it is not the investor's full-time career. We assist investors with building and managing their real estate portfolios by assisting them in acquisitions, make-readies, selling, and tenant placement.

There are neighborhoods faced with not having adequate resources available. This is for many reasons: school districts, crime rates, and lack of quality neighborhood businesses. Quality investors will assist in the economic development of these areas which will aid in better education, and job opportunities and potentially lower the crime rate.

In these neighborhoods, there are homeowners in distressed situations who need assistance exiting properties. We help homeowners in unique situations like; distressed properties, divorce, financial hardship, and redesigning properties to help increase home values.

Our Openings

Our Openings

GLAM Properties Team

Lathasia Lewis - GLAM Executive

Latasha Lewis


Angelique Bryant - GLAM Assistant

Angelique Bryant


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