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Renovation and Décor Tips to Help a House Flip Sell Fast

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

To sell your flipped house, you’re going to need it to be inviting both inside and out. When a possible buyer looks at the house, he’s either drawn to it or he isn’t. You have to make sure that the exterior of the house makes potential buyers want to stop and have a look inside.

The outside renovation is where you can easily go over budget. Making a home have in inviting exterior isn’t expensive. You need to make sure that it’s clean. If the front door is in bad shape, replace it.

If it’s not, then you can clean or paint it. Take out any dated hardware on the door and replace it. Do the same with any porch fixtures like lights, doorbells or faded shutters.

You can put in landscape lighting fairly cheaply and put in some flowers either in a bed or in pots. Put up a mailbox and new house numbers. These are all updates that can make a house look more welcoming.

Inside the house, if the walls are in good shape, paint them. It can be tempting to put your own personal stamp in a home when it comes to choosing colors, but you have to think what a buyer would want.

Buyers want colors that are neutral. They can imagine a clean slate to work with to put their own personal touches in the room. Stick to soft colors and choose the same if you have to put down new carpeting.

New carpet is cheaper to put down than most other types of flooring when you’re renovating but keep in mind that carpet can be a turn off to some buyers. They want the clean look of laminate or hardwood floors.

The areas that can make or break your renovation budget and ones that can help sell a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely gut the existing kitchen and start over.

You can just update what needs to be spruced up by doing things like painting, putting in a new backsplash or flooring and new appliances. If the cabinets are solid but look worn, you can refinish them or repaint them and still end up with a great looking kitchen.

Countertops do matter - so those need to look high end but not necessarily be high end. Update the bathrooms by putting in new faucets and replacing anything that needs to be replaced.

New hardware can make older cabinets look new. Remember when you’re flipping a house not to fix it up like you’d like it to be. You don’t want to spend a lot more money by putting in top of the line appliances or upgrading things that don’t need to be upgraded.

When it comes to décor, make the most of your homes features such as large windows, fireplaces and furniture. Group your furniture so that the room feels bigger in the living room.

Make sure you use soft lighting. This casts a better glow in the room and makes it look warm and inviting. Go minimal when you stage the house. Have fresh flowers on the table and have it set for dinner with nice dishes. Remember to think of the buyer when decorating the home for staging rather than what your own preferences are.


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