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Highlighting the Best Features of Your House for Prospective Buyers

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Your home will have certain features that will interest buyers. Whether you’re selling your home yourself or using the service of a real estate agent, you need to make sure those features are showcased.

You’ll want to start by ensuring that whatever home listing is used draws attention to those features. While an agent automatically knows what to put in the listing, you might not.

But some things that are considered special features are what you should highlight. You’ll need to mention where the home is located and what it’s located near.

For example, some young couples with school aged children are looking for homes that are close to good schools, so you’ll want to highlight that. Others are looking for homes that are close to other perks like shopping, the downtown area and so on.

You’ll want to highlight the amount of square footage that you have. Not only should you or your agent do this in the listing, but you need to highlight it in your home.

That means removing as much furniture as you can feasibly live without while your home sells. Take out anything that takes up space on the floor because then it makes your house look bigger and draws attention to the space.

One feature that buyers look for is the type of flooring that a house has. An agent can give suggestions on what to do, but most people prefer a hard flooring - like hardwood or tile - over carpeting.

If you have real hardwood flooring, you’ll want to highlight that. Anything that’s a nice upgrade or special about your home can be a best feature. If you have a double oven in the kitchen, highlight that.

This is something that appeals to buyers. They also like things such as a large pantry. Outdoor living spaces are a must among some buyers. If you have a pool, you’ll want to mention that.

Feature things like decks and patios as well. If you have an outdoor kitchen, that should be a feature that’s highlighted. Features that buyers look at are type and age of the roof, the air and heating unit and the windows.

Unique and spacious laundry rooms are features that appeal to home buyers and so are garages. Other features include things like good outdoor lighting and walkways.

Any feature that you or your real estate agent highlights should be in top shape. If you have a feature in your home that needs to be spruced up or replaced, do it before you list your home. You want to put the home’s best foot forward so that the first impression is a good one.


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