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Eight Pros and Cons of Offering Corporate Housing Rentals

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Corporate housing rentals are a type of short-term rental that is commonly used by businesses to house employees who are traveling for work. These rentals typically offer furnished apartments or homes with utilities and amenities included. In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of offering corporate housing rentals.


Consistent rental income

Corporate housing rentals can provide landlords with consistent rental income. Since these rentals are typically short-term, landlords can charge higher rates and avoid extended vacancies.

Higher-quality tenants

Corporate housing rentals attract high-quality tenants who are employed by reputable businesses. These tenants are often well-vetted and can provide a stable source of income for landlords.

Furnished units

Corporate housing rentals are typically furnished with high-quality furniture and appliances. This can attract tenants who are looking for a hassle-free move and are willing to pay a premium for the convenience.

Low maintenance

Since corporate housing rentals are typically short-term, the wear and tear on the units is minimal. This means that landlords may have lower maintenance costs and less time spent on repairs.


Higher turnover

Corporate housing rentals are typically short-term, which means that landlords may have to deal with higher turnover rates. This can lead to additional expenses associated with cleaning and preparing units for new tenants.

Higher management costs

Managing corporate housing rentals can be more complex than managing traditional rentals. This may require additional administrative work, such as coordinating cleaning services and utilities, which can increase management costs.

Limited tenant pool

The pool of potential tenants for corporate housing rentals is often limited to business travelers and employees on short-term assignments. This means that landlords may have to work harder to find tenants and may have longer vacancies between renters.

Potential for legal issues

Corporate housing rentals may be subject to different regulations and legal requirements than traditional rentals. Landlords should be aware of any laws or regulations that apply to corporate housing rentals in their area to avoid legal issues.

Offering corporate housing rentals can provide landlords with consistent rental income and attract high-quality tenants. However, these rentals may also have higher turnover rates, increased management costs, and a limited tenant pool. Landlords considering offering corporate housing rentals should carefully weigh the pros and cons and ensure they are aware of any legal requirements that may apply.


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