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5 Easy and Quick Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Your credit score is based on a few prime factors. There is no particular order in which I will discuss them (Some of them have higher weights regarding the score): Repayment history, current debt owed, recent credit checks, and registered income (there are other factors). To repair or raise your score, you may follow a few of the steps provided below.

1.) Pay off all revolving credit cards. Revolving credit cards are like Discover cards or any other monthly credit card. Even though you might pay before the deadline, credit card companies report the debt owed monthly, which may be before the deadline. It will not show as bad debt on your credit score, but it will decrease your overall score.

The standard recommendations are as follows: If you have one credit card, pay it off before the month ends. Second, if you have two credit cards, pay the minimum on both of them and work on paying in full one of them first.

2.) Registered Income. This is your official salary from work. Basically, the numbers they crunch are matched with what you earn. If your debt is larger than what you earn, your credit score is lowered. So, if you are an independent contractor or your income is just a little too low, get a part-time job. This will raise your potential earnings and increase your ability to repay your debt, and therefore increase your credit score.

3.) Check your credit score online with one of the official companies to see what or why your credit score is the level it is. This will help you determine what you can do to increase your credit score.

4.) Do not apply for every car, credit card, and home that you are looking at as an eager consumer. Because every time you try to purchase a home, car, or get a new credit card, your credit score is checked, and the crediting agencies lower your score if you have had two or three credit checks within a few months of each other.

5.) Lastly, open a savings account and budget your money accordingly that you will always have extra cash to help in times of need.

Protect your credit score because it can mean everything when buying a home or trying to get some capital for whatever purpose you need it for. It is not hard to raise your credit score; it is hard to maintain it. If you can purchase a credit score monitoring service, it will protect you from fraud and help inform you of ways to increase your credit score when needed.

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