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Kansas City, MO, USA

Job Type



About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

Budget and Estimates:
- Cost Analysis: Conduct detailed cost analyses for construction and renovation projects, factoring in labor, materials, equipment, and overhead.
- Takeoffs: Perform quantity takeoffs to calculate the amount of materials needed for projects.
- Budget Development: Create comprehensive budgets that incorporate all project costs, contingencies, and profit margins.

Interdepartmental Collaboration:
- Sales Team Interaction: Collaborate closely with the Sales Team to develop accurate estimates that can be presented to prospective clients.
- Design & Planning: Coordinate with the Design & Planning Team to ensure designs are feasible within the projected budget.
- Construction & Renovation: Work alongside the Construction & Renovation Team to align budgeting with the scope and scale of the project.

- Vendor Evaluation: Assess and select vendors, ensuring the best quality and prices.
- Procurement Plans: Develop detailed procurement plans to guide the acquisition of materials and subcontractor services.

Reporting and Documentation:
- Budget Reports: Generate comprehensive budget reports for management and stakeholders, highlighting key considerations and recommendations.
- Estimate Revisions: Update estimates and budgets as project requirements change, ensuring all stakeholders are informed.
- Compliance: Ensure all estimates and budgets adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, as well as industry standards.


The GLAM Estimator plays a crucial role in the planning and execution of construction and renovation projects. The position involves developing budgets, estimates, and procurement plans in collaboration with the Sales Team, Design & Planning Team, and Construction & Renovation Team. The goal is to provide accurate and competitive budgeting that aligns with the client's needs and the project's objectives.

  • Must have an intrapreneurial spirit.

  • Bachelor's degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or a related field.

  • A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in estimation, preferably within the real estate, design, or construction sectors.

  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills.

  • Proficient in estimation software and MS Office Suite.

  • Attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Technology Requirements:

  • Must possess a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

  • Must have a personal computer or laptop with up-to-date software.

  • Must own a smartphone with access to email and company communication tool

Home Office Environment:

  • Must have a dedicated and quiet workspace free from distractions during working hours.

  • The workspace should be ergonomically set up to support prolonged periods of work.

  • Must ensure a professional background for video conferencing.


  • Must be available to work during standard business hours as defined by the company.

  • Flexibility to attend virtual meetings or respond to urgent requests outside of standard hours when necessary.

Communication Skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Proficiency in using email, chat, and video conferencing tools effectively.


  • Strong time-management and organizational skills.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Proactive and self-motivated with a strong work


For the role of GLAM Estimator, which involves budgeting, estimation, and interdepartmental collaboration, the two Wealth Dynamics profiles that would be most fitting are the "Analyst" and the "Deal Maker."

Why "Analyst"?

  • Budget and Estimates: Analysts are naturally inclined to dive deep into details, making them ideal for conducting cost analyses and developing comprehensive budgets.

  • Cost Analysis: The Analyst's strong analytical skills would be invaluable in scrutinizing various factors like labor, materials, and overhead to arrive at precise cost estimates.

  • Reporting and Documentation: Analysts are often meticulous when it comes to reporting, and they would ensure that budget reports are comprehensive and accurate.

  • Compliance: Given their focus on detail and ensuring that things are done correctly, an Analyst would excel at ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Why "Deal Maker"?

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: Deal Makers are exceptional at building relationships, making them effective collaborators between Sales, Design & Planning, and Construction & Renovation Teams.

  • Vendor Evaluation and Procurement Plans: With their negotiation skills, Deal Makers would excel in evaluating vendors and securing favorable terms for materials and subcontractor services.

  • Sales Team Interaction: A Deal Maker can effectively work with the Sales Team to present competitive estimates that meet client needs, leveraging their strong communication skills.

  • Estimate Revisions: The ability to adapt to changing conditions is another hallmark of the Deal Maker, making them adept at updating estimates and budgets as project requirements change.

The "Analyst" would be most suited for roles requiring strong analytical and reporting skills, whereas the "Deal Maker" would be more appropriate for aspects involving negotiation, relationship management, and interdepartmental collaboration. Together, these profiles would complement each other well in covering the broad spectrum of responsibilities needed for a GLAM Estimator.

About the Company

At GLAM Properties, we are more than just a Real Estate Investor's Management Boutique. We are your strategic partners in building sustainable communities. Our mission is to provide comprehensive consulting and management services that cover every facet of real estate investment. From acquisition to design, construction/ renovations to disposition, we've got you covered. But we don't stop there; we also specialize in home staging, commercial cleaning, maintenance, make-readies, tenant placement, and property management. We are committed to delivering excellence at every step, ensuring your investments not only grow but also contribute positively to the community. Your success is our mission, and together, we make it happen.

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