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Kansas City, MO, USA

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About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

- Collaborative Process: Assist in gathering client requirements and expectations for the project. Provide support during brainstorming and design conceptualization meetings.
- Balancing Act: Help in assessing the feasibility of design ideas, ensuring that they align with both functional and aesthetic standards.
- Vision to Validation: Contribute to evaluating design concepts for feasibility, sustainability, and alignment with zoning laws and community standards.

Develop and Read Construction Documents:
- Document Preparation: Develop comprehensive construction documents that include detailed drawings, specifications, and other related documents necessary for building construction. These documents serve as the official record of what is to be built and how it is to be constructed.
- Interpretation and Analysis: Skillfully read and interpret construction documents to understand the project scope, specifications, and design intent. This includes deciphering architectural, structural, and mechanical drawings.
- Coordination: Ensure all documents are accurately coordinated across various disciplines, including architecture, engineering (structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing), and landscaping. This prevents conflicts in the construction phase due to overlapping or contradictory information.
- Compliance Verification: Verify that construction documents comply with all applicable codes, regulations, and zoning laws. This includes local and national building codes, environmental regulations, and safety standards.
- Revisions and Updates: Regularly update construction documents to reflect changes made during the planning and construction phases. Manage document versions to keep all stakeholders on the same page.
Communication: Clearly communicate technical details and project requirements to construction teams, contractors, and stakeholders through construction documents. This ensures that everyone involved understands their roles and responsibilities.
- Quality Assurance: Review construction documents for quality assurance before submission or use on-site. - Check for accuracy, completeness, and clarity to avoid costly errors or delays during construction.
- Record Keeping: Maintain and manage all construction documentation throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that they are accessible for review, compliance checks, and future reference.
- Training and Support: Provide training and support to project team members on interpreting and using construction documents effectively. This may include workshops or one-on-one sessions.
- Technology Utilization: Utilize advanced software and technology, such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modeling), to create, view, and manage construction documents digitally.

Coordination and Collaboration:
- Work with Subcontractors: Assist in coordinating with various subcontractors, including construction teams, photographers, structural engineers, architects, and soil engineers.
- Facilitate Design Meetings: Support the Design Manager in leading design meetings, ensuring that all stakeholders are updated and aligned.
- City Planning and Permits: Help in obtaining necessary permits and in liaising with city planning departments.
- Quality Check and Compliance: Participate in the internal review processes to ensure that all designs meet quality and compliance standards.


The GLAM Design Coordinator serves as an essential support role within the Design & Planning department. This individual will work closely with the Design Manager to facilitate the initial conceptualization to the final execution of projects. The role demands a high level of attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to multitask.

  • Must have an intrapreneurial spirit.

  • Degree or certification in Design, Architecture, or a related field is a plus.

  • Previous experience in a design support role.

  • Strong understanding of Agile Project Management principles.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Basic proficiency in CAD, BIM, or other relevant design software.

  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Technology Requirements:

  • Must possess a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

  • Must have a personal computer or laptop with up-to-date software.

  • Must own a smartphone with access to email and company communication tools.

Home Office Environment:

  • Must have a dedicated and quiet workspace free from distractions during working hours.

  • The workspace should be ergonomically set up to support prolonged periods of work.

  • Must ensure a professional background for video conferencing.


  • Must be available to work during standard business hours as defined by the company.

  • Flexibility to attend virtual meetings or respond to urgent requests outside of standard hours when necessary.

Communication Skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Proficiency in using email, chat, and video conferencing tools effectively.


  • Strong time-management and organizational skills.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Proactive and self-motivated with a strong work


For the role of Design GLAM Coordinator, which includes supporting design conceptualization, blueprint creation, and interdepartmental collaboration, the two Wealth Dynamics profiles that would be most fitting are the "Supporter" and the "Mechanic."

Why "Supporter"?

  • Coordination and Collaboration: Supporters are naturally good at working with people and managing relationships, which is essential for coordinating with subcontractors and stakeholders.

  • Facilitate Design Meetings: A Supporter is skilled at facilitating communication and would be effective in aiding the Design Manager in conducting meetings that keep everyone aligned.

  • Client Interaction: This profile tends to have a keen understanding of client needs and would excel at gathering client requirements and expectations for projects.

  • Quality Check and Compliance: Supporters like to ensure that processes and people are working in harmony, which aligns well with participating in internal review processes to ensure quality and compliance.

Why "Mechanic"?

  • Detail-Oriented: Mechanics have a knack for understanding how things work and pay close attention to detail, making them great for assisting in blueprint creation and 3D mockups.

  • Vision to Validation: A Mechanic’s strengths lie in fine-tuning systems and processes, making them well-suited for evaluating design concepts for feasibility and sustainability.

  • State-of-the-Art Software: With their technical acumen, Mechanics would find it relatively straightforward to assist in working with advanced CAD and BIM software.

  • Quality Check and Compliance: Mechanics are typically very focused on ensuring things are working as they should be, which is critical for quality and compliance checks.

The "Supporter" would be excellent in roles requiring strong interpersonal skills and collaboration, while the "Mechanic" would excel in tasks requiring attention to detail and technical proficiency. Together, these profiles would cover a broad range of responsibilities and competencies needed for a Design GLAM Coordinator.

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About the Company

At GLAM Properties, we are more than just a Real Estate Investor's Management Boutique. We are your strategic partners in building sustainable communities. Our mission is to provide comprehensive consulting and management services that cover every facet of real estate investment. From acquisition to design, construction/ renovations to disposition, we've got you covered. But we don't stop there; we also specialize in home staging, commercial cleaning, maintenance, make-readies, tenant placement, and property management. We are committed to delivering excellence at every step, ensuring your investments not only grow but also contribute positively to the community. Your success is our mission, and together, we make it happen.

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