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Understanding Probate in Missouri

When a homeowner passes away, their will and testament often outline who will inherit their property and how it will be distributed. The individual named in the will to oversee this process is known as the executor of the estate. In Missouri, the legal process of transferring property ownership after a homeowner's death is called Probate.


Types of Probate in Missouri

The probate process in Missouri is carried out through local probate courts. These courts determine the rightful heirs to a property. There are three main types of probate options in Missouri:

  1. Informal Probate: A less formal process, usually when there's a clear will and no disputes.

  2. Unsupervised Formal Probate: A formal court process, but without ongoing court supervision.

  3. Supervised Formal Probate: A formal process that includes ongoing court supervision, often used in complex or disputed cases.


Property Taxes and Probate

When a homeowner passes away, they will often outline the distribution of their property, including the home. The executor is responsible for ensuring that property taxes continue to be paid during the probate process to avoid penalties or liens.


How We Can Help

Community-Centric Support

We understand that probate and property taxes can be overwhelming, especially during a time of loss. We aim to support you and your community through this challenging period.

Transparent and Compassionate Service

We offer clear guidance through every step of the probate process and property tax obligations, ensuring you're well-informed and supported.

Quick and Efficient Solutions

We provide fast solutions to help you resolve property tax and probate issues, allowing you to focus on what matters most during this difficult time.


Take the Next Step

Don't navigate this complex process alone. Reach out to us for community-centric, compassionate support.

Let's work together to find a solution that not only resolves your legal and financial challenges but also strengthens your community, Schedule A Discovery Meeting.



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