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Comdemned & Abandoned Home

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Property Codes and Violations

What You Need to Know as a Rental Property Owner

Owning a rental property comes with responsibilities, including adhering to local property codes. Violating these codes can result in your property being condemned. Here are some key areas to focus on:

  1. Kitchen Requirements: Sink, stove, oven, and space for a refrigerator.

  2. Bathroom Amenities: Toilet, separate sink, exhaust fans, and a bathtub or shower.

  3. Water Supply: Approved potable water in sufficient quantity and pressure. Hot water should be between 110-130°F.

  4. Heating: Central heating system covering all rooms; space heaters are prohibited.

  5. Lighting and Electrical: At least two outlets per room, one window with screens, and sufficient lighting.

  6. Maintenance: Owner's responsibility includes appliance maintenance, pest control, and more.

  7. Hazardous Materials: Asbestos and lead paint must be removed, especially if children under 6 occupy the unit.

  8. Mold: Must be removed from each unit.

  9. Utilities: Gas, oil, and electric service must be provided unless separately metered.

  10. Space Requirements: Minimum square footage and ceiling height requirements.

  11. Safety Measures: Egress, snow and ice removal, door locks, and smoke and CO2 detectors.

  12. Inspections: Local Board of Health can inspect units upon complaint.


Abandoned Houses vs. Condemned Houses


The Difference

  • Condemned House: Declared uninhabitable due to code violations.

  • Abandoned House: Vacated by the owner, leading to neglect and deterioration.


Signs of an Abandoned House

  • Overgrown grass

  • Piled-up leaves

  • Deteriorating roof shingles

  • Broken door hinges

  • Accumulation of mail


Abandoned Housing Act in Missouri

If you own an abandoned property in Missouri, be aware of the Abandoned Housing Act, which addresses the issue of unclaimed properties.


How We Can Help

Community-Centric Support

We understand that dealing with property codes, violations, and abandoned houses can be overwhelming. We're here to help you navigate these challenges.


Quick and Efficient Solutions

We provide fast solutions to help you resolve property issues, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Let's work together to find a solution that not only resolves your legal and financial challenges but also strengthens your community, Schedule A Discovery Meeting.

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